outdoor session (cw14)

by pulse emitter




"This was the first time Pulse Emitter recorded outside, an idea that he got from Guenter Schlienz, who runs Cosmic Winnetou, when Schlienz was crashing at his house while on tour . “It was very inspirational. It’s normal I guess for an acoustic musician to take their stuff outside but not so much for electronic musicians”. Groetsch said about the jam. “Guenter does this himself a lot, he told me he recorded at a beach in southern France I believe and it informed the way he plays in a major way. He encouraged me to try it. I had actually played an outdoor fest right around the same time and got a taste of it then. Something about seeing the sky and plants while playing is good. The music was improvised using a setup that has become my new favorite way of playing, I’ve done more (inside) recordings in this style since. Playing outside is definitely different with the sun beating down on you and your instruments, and ants crawling over everything, and flying insects, but it’s all part of the experience”." --Tabs Out


released November 14, 2013

Improvised outside on a sunny day (Aug 17th, 2013) in Portland, Oregon. No overdubs. Instruments played: Ensoniq VFX-SD, E-mu Morpheus, ARPIE, DSI Mopho, TC Electronics M300. Special thanks to Günter Schlienz.

Artwork by Jens Fleischer



all rights reserved


cosmic winnetou Stuttgart, Germany

awesome tapes for the little indian in you

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